Kodak PlaySport Product Placement

Melbourne, Australia

As product is available, seed new models of the PlaySport handheld video camera with talent that appeal to the target demographics

What we did
Our brief was to place product with talent on an ad hoc basis, encouraging organic content creation and to report on the experience.

We seeded the first PlaySport available with Mike Skinner (The Streets) & Rob Harvey (The Music) as they embarked on recording an album for their new music project, The d.o.t.

Mike & Rob took the product to Australia with them and recorded their experience whilst there were there. It was perfectly timed for them to receive the product at a time when they were more likely to experiment with it.

They filmed part of the video to the track, “Wrong Way, Right Way”, on the PlaySport. The track was published on the debut album and the video published online generating over 18,000 plays

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