Toshiba Kira for Alpha Century

Photography © Flo Hagena

Chamonix, France

Production manage two short films and a stills shoot that will support the digital campaign for the Toshiba KIRA; an Ultrabook aimed at 35 – 45 year old men

What we did
Sourced talent – a wing suit base jumper and an archer. Location sourcing and site reccies in Chamonix. We handled all production management during the week shoot, organising the team of 12; accommodation, travel, transportation, catering, hired film kit, props, ski passes, drivers, runners, mountain guides and provided vital on the ground knowledge

Alongside driving the production schedule we managed the talent, crew and a client visit from Toshiba Europe

We looked after the budget on the ground in Chamonix and made savings of over 40% for Alpha Century through the TINK network

Aside from Toshiba using the films for their TV media sponsorship of the Channel 4 ‘Live From Space’ series (March / April 2014) and working with an amazing team, this quote from our client made a challenging week an absolute pleasure….

“We have high expectations when it comes to international production. The Toshiba shoots,  facilitated  by TINK in the Alps involved a heady mix of extreme sports, tough conditions and some dangerous weaponry for good measure!

With little contingency (in terms of time, budget and weather)  plus talent, clients and crews arriving from around the globe  – Clarence and her crew pulled off a flawless production. The project has been hailed by the European Marketing director of  Toshiba as: ‘the template for producing content from now on’.

We’re grateful and impressed by everything the TINK crew achieved.”


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