The Charter Building Launch

Photography © Lou Boileau Photography

Uxbridge, UK

Landid & Brockton Capital are commercial property developers; they briefed us to create a memorable launch event that stands apart from the industry standard to showcase The Charter Building to a hand picked

What we did
Identifying with the brand values of our clients, we wanted to balance their industry positioning with entertaining the demographic of the guests; 140 people, 95% male, 35 – 55 year olds

Providing a lunch for the guests was an essential part of the brief so to set it apart from the norm, we recruited the expertise of acclaimed gastrophysics chef Jozef Youssef to create an immersive sensorial winter feast dining experience.

Inspired by Landid’s fascination of people and the buildings key messaging, the sensory lunch combined gastronomy with physcophysics research from Oxford University Professor, Charles Spence. Guests explored texture, aroma and sound to see how they affect ones perception of taste

To communicate the event, we created a series of digital invitations including a 3D animated video of the building and a website for guests to RSVP & find out more about the building

What our client said
“Sublime!” Chris Hiatt, Director @ Landid

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